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✓ Start with setting a goal with a clear definition
✓ Develop the right mindset
✓ Put your habits on autopilot
✓ Create a plan to succeed



This book follows a very simple method. We believe that success starts with a clear goal. In order to achieve your goal, you need to have the proper mindset which will be supported through your daily habits. In order to build the required habits you need to have an action plan.

Goal setting is a powerful way to build motivation and effectively make changes towards a better life. At the same time, living without any goals is a good way to stay where you are without developing yourself and without getting the most out of your skills and capabilities. Remaining passive will not allow you to thrive. Having a clear goal improves your motivation, gives you long-term vision, and improves your self-confidence.

Developing the right mindset is an important precondition for your personal growth. You can view mindset as the glasses through which you view the world: a good mindset will help you to think positively, help you to feel in control of outcomes, and give you the power to shape your own life. It has the potential to radically change the way you view your life and your experiences.

Habits are routine behaviors that we perform automatically, which allows us to carry out essential activities such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or getting dressed for work. The unconscious habits free up resources for our brains so we can carry out other more complex tasks such as solving problems or deciding where to go this weekend. Habits can be very positive and bring you much closer to reaching your goals.

An effective plan can support your habits, reinforce your mindset, and help you achieve your goals. An action plan has a tremendous positive impact on your motivation, dedication, and drive to succeed. It will give you momentum to pursue your goals. To produce the best results you should use deadlines to your advantage, monitor your progress, and reward yourself when you succeed.

About the authors

Arun (1990) has a double master’s degree in Strategic Management (honors class) and Finance (cum laude) from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Arun has worked in the past 5 years in Strategy Consulting, Finance, and is now working as a Sales Analyst in a digital scale-up company. He is happily married, on his way to financial independence before the age of 40, and in an overall healthy condition. During his studies he started his own company with a friend and went on a 6-month student exchange to Shanghai, China. Very early in his life he started reading self-development books and this changed his life. In this book, he will share the knowledge he gathered throughout the years and give you tips and tricks on how you can make a positive impact to your own life.

Kim Ming (1990) has a master’s degree in Financial Economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In this journey he developed his determination to reach the top and become highly successful. Kim Ming started his career in Banking and then moved on to a start-up company to be part of the management team, where he is responsible for shaping the European operations. He is happily married and has also bought his first dream house. He loves to spend time with family and friends, enjoys traveling, and values a healthy work-life balance. During his studies he went on exchange to Shanghai (actually, this is where the two authors met), and worked two internships in Management Consulting and Corporate Finance to build his working experience. Kim Ming has always been an effective worker: once he sets his mind on something, he will soon achieve it. This tenacity is what has made him successful. In this book, he will share how you can be more ambitious and give practical tips on how you can get what you want.